Ecosoya Q230 wax

Ecosoya Q230 wax

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This wax is specifically formulated for wax tarts, pillar candles, votives, and molded candles. It has excellent scent adhesion and throw.

The wax is 100% vegetable based - it's made with soybean and botanical oils. The formula is most similar to Ecosoya Pillar Blend before it was discontinued by the manufacturer.

    • Ingredients (Common Name): Proprietary Blend of Vegetable Oils
    • Ingredients (INCI Name): Proprietary Blend of Vegetable Oil
    • Shelf Life: 2 years
    • Recommended for Cold Process: no
    • Recommended for Melt and Pour: no
    • Recommended for Bath Bombs: no
    • Eye Safe: no
    • Lip Safe: no
  • Usage Instructions: Melt the wax using a microwave or double boiler. Add the scent of your choice up to 18 percent, mix well, and pour into a candle container or wax tart mold.
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